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Anniversary and Wedding Packages

What if for your anniversary or engagment, instead of doing the run of the mill dinner, show, and photoshoot, etc, you had a custom curated adventure for you and your partner through the most amazing park in the United States? To be able to see the whole park, and to be professionally photographed while you have the time of your life. This is what is possible with a Madison and Park Wedding or Anniversary tour.


Do Central Park the right way.


Tour includes:


  1. A 4 hour excursion in the park where you are chauffeured to all the sights via pedicab
  2. A picnic lunch with food of your choice.
  3. Professional photography from an NYU Film School Graduate.
  4. A custom printed anniversary album with your picture as well as historical shots of the park.
  5. A video montage with your favorite song.
What we see will be customized based on the kind of experience you want, but on this tour the whole park is our playground. From Alice and Wonderland to the castle and waterfall, you will see, and be photogrpahed in it all and get the best momento not from a forced photoshoot, but the documentation of a day's adventure in the Park.

Don’t let this be another mediocre anniversary.

See what the riders of the past have said about our tours:

"We had planned the trip of a lifetime... great dinners, broadway shows, a carriage ride in central park, getting married on the Staten Island Ferry!!!!! Who knew that a pedicab ride on a Thursday was going to be the most memorable experience of the trip!! After calling, emailing and talking to many carriage companies with little success, we decided to at least take a walk through part of the park. Minutes later, we were so fortunate to stumble upon Madison Reyes near Tavern on the Green! His explanation of what we would experience sounded exactly like what we had been looking for and surpassed every thing we had imagined! Madison was warm and welcoming and immediately made us feel comfortable. 

Call (917) 216-2403 to plan your adventure.

After a short time, we felt at peace telling him our reason for being in NYC (getting married) and were rewarded with the most heartfelt and joyful reaction imaginable! Madison whooped with happiness and congratulations. From that point on, he made the day even more spectacular! We extended our time with him as he showed us more of central park, shared stories and memories, asked for our camera and took many beautiful shots of us throughout the tour. He even took us by surprise by using our camera and asking us thought provoking and spontaneous questions as he filmed us!!! It did not end there either! Madison took us to a local bar and restaurant with authentic NY food and low prices and we had dinner and talked some more. He capped it off with a pedicab ride back to the theatre district for the show we were seeing that night; and you thought a taxi ride in NY traffic was exciting! Without a doubt though, the photo book that he put together for us with his thoughts, words and creativity was unbelievable and our greatest keepsake from the trip. His photography was truly better than the wedding photography!!! We have remained in contact as he is a true friend and someone we care about greatly. We wish him the most success as he so truly deserves! He is a rare find and person!"



       S and D

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